Monthly Archives: October 2020

How to Get a Line of Credit for an Investment Property

A line of credit is an important way for many enterprises to secure needed funding. It is arranged through a financial institution to borrow up to a specified limit and then the amount borrowed can be repaid. Funds can be... Read More

How to Manage Your Working Capital

Working capital is the amount available to a business when you subtract current liabilities from current assets. The effective management of working capital is an integral aspect of company success. Ample working capital enables a business to operate effectively, take... Read More

The Basics of Merchant Cash Advance

Businesses often need a quick infusion of additional capital to handle unexpected emergencies or take advantage of limited-time opportunities. One option that can meet the needs of a situation such as this is a merchant cash advance. Here are some... Read More

Resources for Veterans Starting a Business

What do Enterprise, Walmart and FedEx have in common? Each business was founded by a veteran. Military soft skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, dependability and leadership all translate well into business. You enter the military as a young adult and... Read More