Having employees is one thing but having engaged employees is a much better thing. Employee engagement is the degree that employees are motivated by their work, passionate about it, and truly invested in it. Not just “there” for the paycheck. Employee engagement supports a strong work culture and results in a great employee experience.

Why Employee Engagement is So Important

Employee engagement is important because it:

Improves productivity. Engaged employees have the energy and motivation to go the extra mile in their job performance.
Encourages collaboration and communication. Engaged employees find their work meaningful and they feel valued. They want to work together to accomplish company goals.
Builds trust and relationships. Engaged employees don’t want to feel like a number. They want to feel part of an important community.
Improves employee wellbeing. Because they are happy at work, their overall health, both mental and physical, is improved.
Creates job fulfillment.
Improves company culture.
Reduces employee turnover.
Enhances new talent acquisition.
Helps to attract and retain customers.

8 Steps to Measure Employee Engagement Effectively

8 steps to measure employee engagement effectively are:

Set appropriate goals. Those may include such things as improving company culture, managing talent more effectively, and creating a higher-performing organization.
Create a means to measure employee engagement. Those means can include an employee engagement survey, holding one-on-one meetings, holding small group discussions, conducting exit interviews, conducting individual “stay here” interviews.
Analyze the results of your selected examination process.
Establish benchmarks. Identifying data points to refer to will help in assessing progress.
Map out an action plan. Based on your goals and where you stand today, you’ll be able to go to work to strengthen elements of employee engagement.
Communicate your plan and the results. Be transparent.
Thank your employees.
Focus on long-term success. Reassess and repeat necessary actions.

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