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What Would an SBA Loan Do for Your Business?

Getting a loan as a small business can be challenging. Many banks and other lenders are not enthusiastic to work with smaller clients. Fortunately, Northgate Capital Finance can help with several programs run by the Small Business Administration. Through these programs, we can offer you a generous loan with highly competitive terms.

What You Can Expect

We can provide loans of up to $5 million under the 504 and 7a programs. These loans can have up to 25-year terms with as much as 90% financing. They are fully amortized and never have any penalties for early repayment. Depending on the program you select, you can receive a fixed or variable rate. Plus, the interest rates are always highly competitive. Most borrowers would not get such low rates elsewhere.

What Can You Do With the Loan?

These small business loans can be used for an array of different business needs. These are some of the most common:

  • Real Estate Purchases: If you want to buy, renovate or refinance an owner-occupied property, one of these loans could help. Here are some examples of qualifying properties:
    • Automotive services buildings
    • Hotels
    • Childcare facilities
    • Offices
    • Single-purpose buildings
    • Nonconforming properties
  • Business Acquisitions: Do you need funding to acquire a business or buy out a partner? An SBA loan may be the answer. These loans typically have 15-year terms and up to 80% financing. There is no ballooning and you will never be charged for paying early. We will look primarily at the management and cash flow of the business to make our decision.
  • Equipment: Many borrowers also use these loans to finance major equipment purchases. These are some types of equipment you could buy:
    • Production machines
    • Heavy equipment
    • Diagnostic tools
    • Medical equipment
    • Vehicles
    • Transportation equipment

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