It is not always easy to find applicants with suitable skills and qualifications to fill job openings. Hiring the right personnel requires time and effort. Ideally you should have a system in place to expedite the process. Here are the proper steps to take so you can be assured of hiring the best employees for positions in your company.

Describe the Job

The first step is to write a description of the job that is open. This description should delineate the qualifications and skills that candidates need, the position’s responsibilities, and the salary and benefits candidates can expect. Provide contact information, and list documents, such as cover letters and resumes, that candidates should include with their application.

Advertise the Position

Once the job description is ready, spread the word about the opening via emails, social media, websites, newspapers, and magazines. Visit career fairs where you can meet candidates face to face. Share the news by word of mouth with industry professionals, business associates, and your employees.

Prepare for Interviews

After receiving initial applications, go over the resumes and schedule interviews with qualified candidates. Prepare a series of questions. Some of them may be generic, but tailor others for specific applicants based on what you have read about them in their resumes. When you sit down for interviews, be sure to engage in casual conversation to help the candidate feel comfortable.

Screen Potentials

Interviews inform you about what applicants say about themselves, but it is important to go beyond these and conduct screenings of potential employees. These would include assessments of their physical capabilities of carrying out their tasks, credentials checks, drug testing to be sure that they are not abusing illicit substances, and checks to see if they have criminal records.

Get Them Started

After you have chosen your new personnel, see that they have the tools to perform their work. They will need a workspace, equipment, access to the company’s network, and necessary software. They may also require specific training for the position they will hold in the business.

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