A line of credit is an important way for many enterprises to secure needed funding. It is arranged through a financial institution to borrow up to a specified limit and then the amount borrowed can be repaid. Funds can be used and repaid in a revolving cycle. It is flexible because the funds can be used at any time like an open-ended credit account and the borrower will only pay interest on the funds used.

Advantages of an Investment Property Line of Credit

The advantages include:

• Tax benefits on the interest paid. 

• Generally long repayment term. 

• A relatively low interest rate. 

• Rapid access to cash.  

Investment Property Line of Credit Uses

Investors can use an investment property line of credit to:

• Purchase a turnkey property. 

• Rehab a property in an existing portfolio. 

• Purchase and renovate a new property. 

• Fix and flip a property.  

How to Get a Line of Credit for an Investment Property

There are two types of investment property lines of credit. The first type is for investors who want one line of credit on a single investment property. The second type is for investors on a portfolio of properties.

Borrowers will need to meet minimum credit score and equity requirements. The selected lender will also evaluate the borrower’s debt-to-income ratio. Qualifying for a portfolio line of credit will also require a review of the investor’s overall financial condition including assets, salary, and investments.

To get approved for an investment property line of credit:

• Select a lender who understands investment properties, not just a general lender. 

• Choose the right line of credit, depending on your financial needs and goals. 

• Assemble all the required documents. 

• Apply for the funding.  

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