Most savvy business owners look for ways to make their businesses more efficient and easier to manage. There are a plethora of apps that can help business owners do this. Many of these apps offer free versions for business owners who may not need the premium services offered by many of these apps. However, if you do need upgraded services they are available for a price. However, there are various apps that can be used by business owners to serve a wide variety of purposes. 

Administrative Functions, Document Management, and Payment Processing

As a business owner, you’ll benefit from ways to manage administrative functions like payroll and taxes. You’ll also need ways to fax and create documents. You may also need access to an efficient way to take and process payments. Fortunately, there are savvy apps to help business owners do all of these things.

Gusto and Square: Financial apps
Scanner App: Document management
Shopventory: App to manage your product/inventory

To-do Lists and Mileage Trackers

The average business owner benefits heavily from a to-do list. These practical lists serve as reminders and help business owners keep up with both the mundane and the important. Apps that make it easier for business owners to do this can be invaluable. Apps like Wonderlist make to-do lists easy to create and maintain. Business owners who travel on behalf of their businesses can benefit from apps like MileIQ and TripIt. Many business owners have businesses that require travel of some type. Mileage is a tax break that many business owners choose to take advantage of. 

Wonderlist: An app for to-do lists
MileIQ: Mileage tracker
TripIt: Trip planner/Mileage tracker

Networking and Advertising

No business is complete without promotion and networking. LinkedIn makes it easy for business owners to engage with other business owners for a wide variety of different reasons. This efficient app helps many business owners stay connected to their respective industries, find new talent, and beneficial services, in addition to promoting their businesses. Apps like Contxts replace the need for business cards or at least compliment business cards by allowing users to send the same information found on a business card via SMS texts. 

LinkedIn: Networking and Promotion
Contxts: Business Card/Networking app

Business owners have many apps to choose from to keep up with both the mundane and important. There are also many apps that aid in making the operation of their businesses more efficient and productive.