Starting a franchise can be both exciting and scary. Although you have a roadmap and support, no one can prepare you for the unexpected. However, the unexpected should be expected. As you begin your first year of business as a franchisee, knowing what to expect may help you stay the course and weather the ups and downs of being a new business owner. 

Time and the Unexpected

Two things are undeniably true when it comes to being a business owner. Your hard work will pay off over time and there will be many unexpected situations that you can’t prepare for. Not to worry, as you begin your journey with support and resources, you will learn to master your specific situation and build resilience. These factors will help you gain both mastery and composure, two skills that will continue to serve you again and again over time. 

Busy and Emotional…

Maybe most business owners don’t expect to see these two words paired with each other when it comes to starting a franchise. However, these two words are very interconnected. As a franchisee you will have the benefit of help and guidance from a tried and true model, there will still be situations that arise that challenge your enthusiasm and make you feel like giving up. No classroom, training manual, or magic wand can eradicate all of the unknowns of being a franchisee. However, if you know that these trying times are part of the process, you’ve won half the battle. 

Night and Day with Your Baby…

Yes. Your business will become like your baby. As a result, expect your days to be long, and possibly your nights as well. However, those long days and nights won’t always be drama-filled and anxiety-ridden. Some of these days and nights will be filled with newfound enthusiasm, excitement about the future, and plain old pride. You will watch your business weather the ups and downs of being brand new. If you stay the course, your baby will walk one day and you’ll be able to stand back with pride. It’s no secret that owning a franchise is not child’s play. You’ll have your work cut out for you, even with the support and resources that come with a long-standing brand. However, if you know what to expect, you’ll come out on the other side stronger and wise.